What language is spoken in Cadiz? Example with Cursi

What language is spoken in Cadiz? An example with "Cursi

What does this word mean? There are several hypotheses, more or less far-fetched. Let's keep two of them. 1st hypothesis In the 19th century, a French family lived in Cadiz: the Sicourt2 sisters, dressed in Parisian fashion; a bit snobbish, too precious, quickly ridiculous. Teasingly, the gaditans would call out to them: "Si-Cur- Si-Cur Si-Cur-Si- Cur-Si...Cursi".A metathesis for the "Cursi".

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Carnival word, Guachisnai, typical of Gaditan speech

Guachisnai, a carnival word

On this strip of land squatted by Cadiz, you're almost always a foreigner. An extranjero. And the word is hard to pronounce for anyone who doesn't speak the language, with its jota (j) separated by just one vowel from the rolled /r/. A jota, the spitting image of Spanish, that you learn to pronounce as soon as you hear it.

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