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tailor-made tour, 5 TOURS & 1 HOLIDAY CARNET DE VOYAGE

CUSTOMIZED TOUR Starting at €40 Private tour from 1 pers.

Would you like to get off the beaten track and take the "Seville, Cordoba, Granada" route? Explore the side road to Andalusia's Atlantic beauty.

Ambassador of Cadiz

Whether for two hours*, four hours or the whole day, Karine, a French resident of Cadiz, welcomes you. Visiting a city with a local is more than just a tourist guide: it's a way of getting to know the daily life of the city, its culture, language and atmosphere.

After all, you can't run across a city from point A to point B just by looking at a map.

Cádiz is not a theme park, but an amusement park.

Sometimes you want to be a traveler, but you don't have the time, in a hurry to fill your journey with images and places.

Where do the gaditans meet? What time of day? Where do they do their shopping? Where do they usually dine?

Karine, who's been passionate about Cádiz for almost 10 years, takes the time to answer your questions and talk at your own pace, depending on what you want to discover.

➽ Let's put together your own tour to get back on the road,🍀theatmosphere of Cadiz inside you.

*price per person/2 hours 

Departure possible from your hotel in Chiclana

Pick-up at your hotel by our professional chauffeur service for added comfort and safety. Your driver will accompany us for the duration of the tour, excluding Cadiz. 

For the private tour of Cadiz, whether for two hours or the whole day, the driver will be happy to take you back to your hotel at 4:30 pm. (schedule adaptable on request).

Transport costs to be shared according to number of passengers: 120€ from 2 to 5 pers. 140€ from 5 to 7 pers.

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Private English tour Cadiz ©

What our visitors say

" A big thank you for this beautiful morning. It's exactly what I needed and it was perfect!
A bit of history, geography and a lot of humanity!Troooop top!" Dominique C.

" I highly recommend getting in touch with Karine to discover Cádiz in a way you never imagined. Karine gives personalized tours, very good knowledge of the city and its legends 😉 Karine can tell you where to make good purchases, I chose the gastronomic discovery 😊😍, a treat! Karine is generous, flexible and adaptable. A wonderful encounter. " Véronique VdeB.

" Many thanks for making me a "GADITAN" in half a day. You didn't just show me around this charming town full of history and legends. You made me feel and sense it as if it were part of me. Every nook and cranny; every plant and flower imported from the Americas is forever embedded in my memory.
I can't find the words to describe your talents, your humility and your availability. " Fouad L.

Souvenirs of Cadiz Private Tours ©

TOUR : The Delacroix enigma - 6h, 2 to 10 pers.

In 2018, a historian from Cadiz, Juan Antonio Vila Martinez, became interested in Eugène Delacroix's travel diaries. He knows that the painter of "Liberty Guiding the People brought back watercolor notebooks from his trip to Morocco. And that the journey continued to Andalusia, from the port of Cadiz. The only representations of the city seem to be those Delacroix made from " La Perle ", docked for seven days in May 1832. 

However, one detail catches our historian's eye. A detail that will lead him to take a fresh look at Delacroix's watercolors and investigate.

What is this detail?🍀The answer is here

Séjours Carnet de voyage Eugène Delacroix's artistic journey in Cadiz and its Province

🍀Takeyour turn investigating: Tour Cadiz with Delacroix

arcours 1jour Cadix lasguiritanas French English

From April 22, 2024


From Seville*, Cádiz: Cádiz train station
*Contact us for transfers

KARINE, your French guide

Also speaks Spanish and English to help you.

120 mn Delacroix Visit Cadiz as if you were living there ©

From April 22, 2024


From Seville*, Cádiz: Cádiz train station, Hotel
*Contact us for transfers

KARINE, your French guide

Also speaks Spanish and English to help you.

🍀Pursuela route: Discovery trails in Atlantic Andalusia

3 ROUTES: From "Brittany" to the Andalusian "Camargue" - 1 day
2 to 10 pers.

From Andalusian "Brittany" in the Estrecho Natural Park (Tarifa) to the Andalusian "Camargue" with the Doñana (Huelva). With Morocco as your escape route to extend your perspective.

You'll love 

Departure from Cadiz by chauffeur-driven car, for greater comfort.

The choice for a day of poetry via the path discovered by chance by las guiritanas and continuing on to Tarifa with Tangier in front of you. Or the choice for theunusual beauty of a contemporary art museum and the Andalusian panorama from a white village. Or choose to meet the Iberian eagle and the Iberian lynx along the Guadalquivir.

It would be a shame to miss out 🍀 Visit and much more


From Monday April 22, 2024


Departure from your hotel in Cadiz or Chiclana


From Monday April 22, 2024


Departure from your hotel in Cadiz or Chiclana


From Monday April 22, 2024


Departure from your hotel in Cadiz only
Please contact us for other departure destinations.

🍀From Seville: Treat yourself to a 4-day tour of Cadiz and its province

STAY: Cadiz, Campo de Gibraltar & Guadalquivir travel diary - 4 days
2 to 10 pers.

As many minutes as colors make day and night in Cadiz. No need for filters. Just your eye to capture the changing lights. 

Venture beyond Cádiz's Puerta de Tierra, from south to north. Head for the Campo de Gibraltar, one of the province's six comarques, all the way to the mouth of the Guadalquivir on the border with the province of Huelva.

You'll love 

Cadiz, its colorful, faded facades and domed balconies. Its mauve squares with the colors of jacarandas, the shade of giant ficus magnolias, streets running into the sea, parrots chirping in puddles near fountains.

And walk close to the goats, in the silence of the wind facing Morocco in its province. Discover the contemporary art museum hidden in the middle of nature, unique in Spain, the lynx in the Doñana protected reserve, the white village of Vejer de la Frontera and Tarifa, the gateway to Tangier just across the road.

THURSDAY evening: welcome at Seville airport
MONDAY afternoon: return to Seville airport

From Thursday, May 2, 2024
Stay organized every week

KARINE, your French guide

Departure Seville

Andalusia's most beautiful beaches: Playa del Canuelo, near Plaza de la Bolonia. Discover it with las

If you have a special request, please let us know.

Estrecho Natural Park from the goat trail, discovered by las guiritanas.

The goat path

An enchanting route off the beaten tourist track.

View of the roofs of Cadiz by Fitz, fox terrier des guiritanas

Cadiz from above

Unfiltered view from the place where las guiritanas live.

Cab to Cádiz, better than your car ©

On the road with las guiritanas🍀