Cadiz: All places lead to the sea ©

Cadiz: Every square leads to the sea (or almost)

In Cadiz, there are two types of visitor. Day visitors and evening and day visitors.

The first ones, we meet at the port. They come out of the boat in packs, spread out on the cobblestones and look down at their feet. Fear of falling on a bone, no doubt. It's true, Cadiz is Europe's oldest city, and every day it unearths fossils and relics for those who dig. Freshly disembarked, our day's visitors hop into double-decker buses to ride along the sea. The more adventurous will follow it on foot. A loop for a city surrounded by the sea.

Then there are the daredevils, the curious, the travelers: the visitors of evenings and days.

For them, who aren't afraid of getting lost, who carve the road and streets, who raise their smiling eyes to the sky, I did a test. I started from four different places (I could have pushed the exercise to more) to see where it takes me.

The verdict is in: in Cadiz, all the squares lead to the sea (or almost).

The proof is in the video below.👇

And it works for some streets too. Like Sagasta Street.

Is Sagasta your rue de Vaugirard, de Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Catherine? Or your rue Jean-Jaurès, Solférino, Verdun or route de Seysses?

🍀 So visit Cadiz as if you were living there with las guiritanas

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