Cadiz La Caleta Beach

"Welcome to Cadiz Plage!

In Cadiz, the sea is everywhere. Some years, you can swim until Christmas.

The guidebooks mention La Caleta beach: James Bond's beach...
The cab driver will tell you that he loves La Cortadura beach, but that he goes to Santa María beach, his 3-year-old son's favorite.

So, you've just picked up the keys to your accommodation in Cadiz and you run to put on your swimsuit: a leaflet left on the table at the entrance lists the kitesurfing courses on La Victoria beach.

"Cadiz beaches" in the plural, rather.

Like many beaches on the Atlantic coast, Cadiz's beaches are extensive, yet enjoy "Mediterranean" temperatures.

Which beach to choose?

Suivez las guiritanas, on vous guide.

Cadiz has 4 beaches and 1 dog beach (between March and October). Almost 12 km of beach - 11.41 km to be exact - between La Caleta beach, in the "La Viña" district, and La Cortadura beach, at the entrance to the city.

Sandy beaches, served by... cycle paths, also accessible on foot, skateboard or rollerblades.


📍 Where is La Caleta beach located?

In the historic center, the "Casco antiguo". La Viña" district.

You reach it by going behind the Cathedral, "Avenida Campo del sur", on the right (leaving the new town behind). After 15 minutes along the sea, the entrance is on your left, under a pretty arch surmounted by a small boat.

Tip: kids need a break?
Resident cat Campo del Sur, Cadiz

At the halfway point, lean over the boulders: below, you'll spot a family of black cats and a family of ginger cats. They are housed here, protected and pampered by a local association.

😉 From the "Mercado", all paths within the old town also lead to La Caleta.

The most poetic, with its fishermen's boats and the " Las Palmas " spa, which houses Gaditan families seeking shade under its columns.
The most beautiful sunset from the Juanita Villar peña, where you can enjoy an aperitif at 8.30pm in summer.
The most romantic and poetic walk from the "camino" (path) leading to the "Castillo de San Sebastián" lighthouse.

🌬️ La Caleta, thanks to the presence of the "camino", is the beach most protected from the wind when it blows.

➕Walkat low tide to the " Castillo de San Sebastián", pass under the bridges.
➽ Visit the site "Ça baigne for low tide times before 😉 

➕ S upervised beach from 11am to 7pm with first-aid post and toilets.
Beach where your towel will find its space and comfort from mid-April to the end of October.
➕ Very safe beach: no theft to our knowledge.
That reminds me of this student. He plants his cell phone in the sand, presses the video button and heads off into the waves. He turns around, smiles at his phone, waves his arms in the air. Swims out and comes back in 10 minutes. The phone is still there. Try the same experience in Barcelona, I'm not sure...

➕Family beach
Gaditans gather here with family and friends.
You can also rent deckchairs near the second entrance, close to the pier and the fishermen's bar.
Good to know: the beach for gaditans is their living room. They arrive at 10 a.m. and don't leave until after sunset.
➖Beware ofpeak times in July and August: in the afternoon between 1pm and 9pm.

➕Besttime for a swim: mornings from 9am to 11am.
9am: the abuelas (grannies) are there for their aqua-gym class.

Cadiz Beach Abuelos de la Caleta

And the abuelos (papis), a group of friends who you'd imagine grew up together in the "Viña". You can always find them near the low wall where they hang up their shirts. One morning, 9 years ago, one of them came up to us and said. " Al linquindoï, al linquindoï ". as we got up to go swimming. With gestures, we came to understand that this meant "keep an eye on things" in Gaditan. We love our papis, always on their feet, talking, joking, putting their hands behind their backs. They're always out on the water in packs, and every year when the season resumes in mid-April, we count them, dreading the moment when there's one less...

➕Snowshoeing activitiesby the water, paddles for hire

📍Where to put your towel?

➕ To the right of the "camino".
➖ The beach to the left of the "camino" looks more inviting. Tourists discovering it naturally head there. It's quieter. Gaditans rarely go there.
Why? You can't see the rocks, yet they are outcropping and slippery.
Ideal for sunbathing. Less suitable for swimming.


📍 Where is Santa María beach located?

In the new town, just outside the "Casco antiguo", at "Puertas de Tierra".
Exactly 674m on foot, still behind the Cathedral.
This time, turn left along the Avenida Campo Sur, still on the seafront.
After ten minutes or so, you'll find the first access on your right. A beautiful descent accessible by bike or on foot.

Larger than La Caleta beach, it is popular with executives living in the new town and Spanish tourists staying in the many apartments rented in summer.

➕ S upervised beach from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with first-aid post, toilets.

Santa Maria Cadiz Beach

Introduction to surfing for children and adults.

No danger, nothing to do with the waves of Biarritz; ideal for beginners.
Sarah, Franco-Gaditane gives lessons there until August, in French.
Hurry up and go there: Hopupu Surf Cádiz

➖Beware ofpeak times: in the afternoon between 2pm and 7pm in July and August.
Despite everything, you'll always find a place for your towel without a struggle.
A change of atmosphere, this beach transforms this part of town into a seaside resort in July and August. Bars, restaurants, beach boutiques. Spaniards love it.

➕Themany "chiringuitos", the beach bars-restos where you can have a drink or dine with your feet in the sand facing the sea.
Noon, afternoon, evening. Whenever you like.
Las guiritanas recommend: Tirabuzón  

➕ Chill out with friends late into the night: on a tighter budget? We meet up for a picnic, laugh, share our music with the subdued light of bars and restaurants that close at 3am in summer.

Best time to swim there: from mid-April and at 2pm in September and October, when the days get shorter.
Eli, the other guiritana, likes to bathe there "a mediodia" (midday) when the tide is high at La Caleta...
And of course, at the end of each day when the sun follows the bathers to plunge back into the sea.

With the holidaymakers gone, weekends are peaceful and the water remains at an excellent temperature. As with La Caleta, the beach nestling between two coves is well protected on days when the Levante, the warm wind blowing from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, is strong.

Afternoon at the beach


📍 Where is Victoria beach located?

From Santa Maria beach to the PLAYA VICTORIA hotel (easy to find). This is the largest beach in Puertas de Tierra, over 8 km long.
➽ If you don't have a bike and don't want to walk:
From the Casco antiguo: take bus line 1 Plaza España, direction CORTADURA, "Estadio" stop.
Ticket price: €1.10.
⚠️ The driver does not give change for more than 5€ and does not accept payment by card.
You can also buy a bus card at any tobacconist's: "Estanco".

➕ The beachfront is bustling with bars, restaurants, open-air cinema in the evenings to entertain holidaymakers from 4-star hotels and other accommodation as well as local families.

➕ Beach volleyball, beach soccer and racquetball "courts" with tournaments organized in summer.
For young and old alike.

Victoria Cadiz Beach

And as with Santa María beach, you'll find the same advantages here.
Supervised beach from 10am until 7pm with lifeguard posts, toilets.
➕ Safe beach, family atmosphere
➕ Surf initiation for children and adults.
This time go to Aurea Surf. Alberto will share his passion for surfing with you.
The many "chiringuitos"
"Chiller" with friends until late at night in complete peace and quiet.
Best time to swim: from mid-April to the end of October.


📍 Where is La Cortadura beach located?

From Victoria Beach to the "Ventorillo El Chato" restaurant.
On the outskirts of town.
This is the first beach to be discovered in Cádiz when arriving by train, bus or car from Seville.
Its small dunes separate it from the road.

Take bus line 1 Plaza España, direction CORTADURA, get off at CORTADURA. Journey time approx. 20 mins.
⚠️Ce is not the terminus. The terminus is near the "Cortadura" train station, so don't be mistaken.
Ticket price: €1.10. Remember to bring change, see above.
⚠️ Walk towards the town exit, past the gendarmerie facing the sea (not bad being a gendarme in Cadiz) and take the raised sidewalk that borders the dual carriageway for 100m. Amazing to see. In France, this wouldn't be allowed. Here, yes, gaditans drive smoothly and gently. No accidents. Gaditans use the sidewalk with beach balls, umbrellas and chairs.
We've copied their habit.
Otherwise, to be on the safe side, when you get off the bus, head straight for the Victoria beach behind the buildings. Once on the beach, keep to the left.

➕ Wildest beach.
After Caleta beach in the morning, the one we like to go to at the end of the day.
Best time to swim there:
After la Caleta beach in the morning, the one we like to go to at the end of the day for our last swim at 6pm.
More refreshing in summer, it resembles the beaches on the Atlantic coasts of the Landes or Gironde. It's right next to the city, which is a bit confusing!

Protected beach for 1.6kms from Victoria beach.
Unprotected up to the Ventrillo El Chato restaurant, where we put our towel down.

➕Perfect beachfor kite-surfing.

The numerous campervans and vans confirm this.
Windy beach. More buildings to protect it from the winds.
Come early or late at night to find a parking space.
➕Free parking. Ideal for small budgets and weekends with student friends.

Nahu Beach La Cortadura Beach

➕ "Chiller" at Nahu beach.
Small tables and chairs, planted in the sand. "Ze place to be" for kit-surfers at lunchtime. And once you're dressed up, for drinks and dinner.

➕➕ Andalusian "kif" of guiritanas.
Walk home from Cadiz beach

Take the 6 p.m. bus from the Casco Antiguo and bathe at La Cortadura.
Walk back along the seafront, with the cathedral and the Caleta "camino" in your sights.
Stop for sunset at a "chirringuito".
Continue and dine in a taberna in the Popúlo district.

Kif assuré (= "State of total bliss, perfect happiness", according to Larousse).


Dog-loving gaditans have been asking for it. It's here: a beach, in the extension of La Cortadura beach, has been dedicated to them from March to October.
The mayor made the announcement in March 2024. 

⚠️ You'll always find owners walking their dogs on Gaditan beaches between March and October. But they risk a fine, even if there's nothing to indicate this (and fines are rare).

🍀Question: how can you tell a Spanish bather from a bather from another country? (The answer is in the text...)
➽ Leave your answer as a comment.
If you get the right answer, we'll give you 10% off one of our courses, of your choice.

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