Prado San Sebastián bus station Seville by ©lasguiritanas

How do I get from Seville to Cadiz?

This question comes up a lot in forums and groups of travelers heading for Andalusia. Let's leave the mental load at home, and get on with loading the luggage! Follow the advice of the guiritanas, and we'll take care of everything right up to your arrival in Cadiz.

That's it, you've arrived in Seville, by train from France or by plane: " Cadiz, we've arrived !"


➽ Direction Santa Justa Station

At the exit, turn right up to the beginning of the cab queue. The stop is right there. You'll find a ticket office to buy your ticket.
🚌 Shuttle: EA by the company TUSSAM
👛 4€ per person.
CB accepted.
🍀Frequency: every 15mn
🕰️Durée journey: 28mn
🛑Get offat the 3rd stop (" parada " in Spanish) ⏩ " Auxiliar Kansas City - Est. Santa Justa"
When you get off, turn right - the entrance is 30m away.

Santa Justa Station
➽ Seville - Cadiz

🍀Frequency: 16 trains from 6.40am to 10.10pm (at the time of writing).
A train approximately every 45 minutes to 1 hour.
⚠️Attention after 12.45pm, the next train is at 2.45pm. Time to try your first " bocadillo" (sandwich) in the station cafés. 

🕰️Durée from 1h24 to 1h42 depending on the number of stops
👛from €13.30 to €40.05 depending on the train.
Most tickets are €13.30.


➽ To the "Estación de autobus Prado San Sebastián" bus station

Always take the shuttle 🚌 EA
👛 Always €4 per person
🕰️Durée journey time: 35mn
🍀Frequency: every 15mn
🛑8thstop ⏩ "Prado San Sebastián (Carlos V) "  

⚠️ There are two bus stations in Seville.
Don't do as I did, don't get off at "Plaza de Armas", the terminus of Seville's most important bus station.

On your way down, 250m and you're there.
Exact address for google map 😉 " Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 2 "

At the Prado San Sebastián bus station
Seville - Cadiz

🍀Frequency: 7 buses from 11am to 9pm
👛 Price: €17

➕Avantage:Arriving at the last minute, the ticket office at the station is already closed? You can pick up your ticket directly from the driver.
⚠️ The driver doesn't accept payment by credit card.
Las guiritanas prefer to tell you, Eli almost stayed on the platform one Sunday evening for the last bus.
He was €5 short in cash.
But a kindly gaditana (it's not a legend) advanced him the money to save him a night in a hotel in Seville.
🕰️ Journey time: 1h10

➕➕Anotheradvantage: the bus is faster than the train and less crowded.
No stops, except one at the entrance to "Puerta de Tierra", the new town before the stop at Cadiz bus station. For the record, the Cadiz bus station is right next to the train station.

And now to our destination:

Cafeteria at Seville Bus Station
Cafetería de la gare: "el mejor bocadillo del mundo" according to its owner" 😉 ©lasguiritanas

Visit Cadiz 🍀as if you were living there, with las guiritanas 😉

Last but not least, we don't have a car; we don't need one. The bus, train, bike and foot network 😉 is very good for reaching Andalusian cities. When we head for the wilder beaches or white villages, we rent directly from Cadiz station. 

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