Arcángel San-Miguel, Calle San Miguel, 16

Archangel Michael, Calle San Miguel, 16

On the corner of Calle Javier de Burgos. Very precisely.

Look up and you'll see the archangel St. Michael triumphing over the devil.

Why this statue?

We live in this building and have asked ourselves this question, of course.
Audio guides, written guides and tour guides all tell the same story.
It's a "scary" story, about the Inquisition.
But that's not the real story.

Gaditans love legends and stories. They have taken over from Andersen, the Danish storyteller of "The Snow Queen", who stayed in Cadiz opposite the hidden tower of "La Bella Escondida". La Bella Escondida" .*

🍀The story, the real one: it's below👇

Las guiritanas discovered it when they looked harder.
Archangel Saint-Michel, Calle San Miguel, 16. At the corner.
Another angle... in short.

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